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Pump Station Upgrade

Pump Station Upgrade

Location: Wyoming

Posted Date: November 25, 2023

Expiration Date: December 21, 2023

State: WY

Description: This Project consists of furnishing and installing an ICF building addition with electrical and mechanical systems, installing interior steel piping with connection to existing water main, piping modifications for installing a new control valve, piping modifications and replacing an existing pump and motor, chlorination system, upflow propeller meter, electrical instrumentation and controls, PVC floor drain with connection to drain structure, crushed base surfacing. This project has been broken down into two phases. The first phase includes the construction of the ICF building addition, installing the interior steel piping in the rock strainer room and to the connection with the existing suction header (including the installation of the rock strainer and upflow propeller meter), the connection to the existing water main, installation of the PVC floor drain with connection to the drain structure and the crushed base resurfacing. The second phase of the project includes the electrical and mechanical systems for the building addition, the piping modifications required to replace the existing pump and motor with the larger unit, the installation of a new control valve, installation of the chlorination equipment and the new electrical instrumentation and controls. One hundred and eighty (180) calendar days are allotted for the first phase of this project and three hundred and sixty (360) calendar days are allotted for the completion of the second phase of this project.

Location: Newcastle, WY