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At Stiver Engineering, we are dedicated to mastering the art of shaft design. From the intricacies of mine shaft design to the precision required in tunnel shaft design, our team of experts offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet your project’s specific needs.

Over 40 Years of Expertise in Shaft Design

Our extensive portfolio reflects our depth of expertise in various shaft design aspects, including designing a shaft for diverse applications, drilled shaft design, and air shaft design. We tackle each project with a commitment to quality and precision, ensuring that every design aligns perfectly with our clients’ requirements.

Innovative and Customized Shaft Solutions

Whether it’s designing a robust concrete caisson shaft or a complex braced shaft design, our approach is always innovative and client-focused. We specialize in caisson shaft design, ensuring that each project is handled with the utmost attention to detail.

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Leading in Shaft Design: Engineering Vertical Solutions

At Stiver Engineering, we excel in converting shaft design concepts into practical, efficient solutions. Our methodology integrates the latest advancements in shaft technology and engineering, ensuring each project conforms to the highest shaft design standards and prioritizes safety and functionality.
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Why Choose Stiver Engineering for Your Shaft Design Needs

  • Diverse Project Expertise: Our portfolio reflects our experience in a broad spectrum of shaft design projects, underscoring our ability to navigate diverse construction challenges and site conditions.
  • Client-Centric Approach: We focus on our clients’ specific requirements, ensuring seamless progression from the initial shaft design concept to the project’s completion.
    Innovation in Shaft Design
  • Techniques: Utilizing state-of-the-art techniques and technologies in shaft engineering, we provide innovative and bespoke solutions for each unique project.

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Whether it’s designing access shafts for underground facilities, ventilation shafts for large infrastructure, or complex caisson shafts in urban developments, Stiver Engineering is your expert in vertical engineering solutions. Reach out to us today to embark on your shaft design project with a team committed to safety, precision, and excellence in every detail.

Pioneering in Tunnel Design Engineering FAQ

Professional shaft design involves calculating and planning the structural aspects of various types of shafts, considering factors such as load, material, environmental conditions, and intended use

Caisson shaft design requires careful consideration of geological conditions, safety regulations, ventilation needs, and the specific requirements of mining operations.
Key considerations in drilled shaft design include soil and rock mechanics, load-bearing capacity, shaft diameter and depth, and the integration of reinforcement materials like steel.

A typical drilled shaft design example would involve a deep cylindrical excavation filled with concrete and reinforced with steel, designed to support large structural loads.

Tunnel shaft design specifically addresses the requirements for access, ventilation, and emergency routes in tunnel construction, differing in purpose and design considerations from other types of shafts.
Designing a shaft for heavy machinery involves analyzing load requirements, rotational speeds, material selection, and ensuring durability and maintenance ease, particularly for conveyor systems.
Common software tools for shaft design include CAD software for drafting and visualization, as well as specialized engineering software for structural analysis and simulation.

Safety in shaft design is a top priority at Stiver Engineering. We adhere to stringent engineering standards, conduct thorough risk assessments, and incorporate safety features in line with industry regulations and best practices.