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Harvest Green WWTP Expansion to .95 MGD and Lift Station

Posted Date: February 28, 2024

Posted Date: January 28, 2024

Expiration Date: February 20, 2024

State: TX

Description: The work consists of providing the necessary labor, material, equipment, and supervision to construct Harvest Green Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion to 0.95 MGD and Lift Station for Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District No. 134E. The site work contractor is responsible for all site work, including but not limited to clearing and grubbing of  the site; demolition of existing chain link fencing; relocation of entrance gate; chain link fence; twenty-one-foot (21’) diameter concrete wet well with three (3) submersible pumps with all accessories, riser piping, valves, protective coatings and supports; demolition and relocation of existing yard piping; yard piping; manholes; modifications to existing manholes; site work; on-site crushed concrete roads and IWTP pads; protective coatings; concrete pads; swales; culverts; inlets; modifications to existing headworks; proposed elevated headworks; dumpster pad with sump pump; new electrical service; service entrance equipment; automatic transfer switch; service/distribution rack; diesel generator; lift station control panel; underground duct banks; terminal boxes at Digester No. 3 and the Chlorine Contact Basin; wires and conduits from the terminal boxes at Digester No. 3 and the Chlorine Contact Basin to the service rack; installation of the PLC panel at the service rack; pull boxes; grounding; bollards; site grading; all associated electrical and site work; facility start-up in its entirety; and all else specified and shown in the construction documents and not specifically addressed in lease agreement, complete in place for a fully functioning plant.

Location: Fort Bend County, TX

Estimated Cost: $10,100,000