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Shoring And Structural Upgrades-green Barn

Shoring and Structural Upgrades-Green Barn

Location: Maine

Posted Date: November 21, 2023

Expiration Date: December 15, 2023

State: ME
Description: The Green Barn is a 40-foot by 104-foot agricultural storage structure that according to a published article dated July 1909 is of “plank frame construction”. The barn has wood clapboard siding on the exterior walls and a slate tile roof system. There are two functional levels of the barn, a single open space on the upper level and a lower level that has been subdivided into three storage spaces. The upper level is accessible by means of a wood framed ramp from a concrete abutment in the embankment at the front of the building. The lower level is accessible through any one of four overhead doors, one double swing door and one passage door. Currently the barn is utilized as cold storage of various forms of equipment and supplies. The scope of services for this project includes assessing the building’s envelope and structure and designing any potential enhancements or upgrades that might be required as well as demolition and abatement plans if warranted. Additional restoration scopes of works may be contracted at the sole discretion of the owner. Assessments, investigations, design and construction admin and oversight services may be required or requested.

Location: Bureau of Real Estate Management, ME