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Stiver’s Tunneling Projects

Stiver’s Tunneling Projects in Toronto and Texas Featured in Tunnel Business Magazine

Three projects involving Stiver Engineering were featured in the latest Tunnel Business Magazine list of major tunnel projects underway in the United States and Canada.

In Athens, TX, Stiver Engineering is lending our expertise to the Integrated Pipeline Project – Sections 19-1 and 19-2 – a $21 million project for the Tarrant Regional Water District. To date, crews have completed 38% of tunnel footage and completed five of the 10 tunnel crossings with an estimated completion of January 12, 2023.

In Dallas, TX, Stiver Engineering is assisting in the Mill Creek/Peaks Branch/State Thomas Drainage Relief Tunnel Project – a $206.7 million job with an estimated completion date of March 2023.

To date, 19,500 lf of tunnel excavation has been completed.

For the city of Toronto, Stiver Engineering is proud to support the $300 million Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant Outfall project. Currently 70% complete, the shaft excavation is now ready for tunnel activities. 

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