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Stiver Engineering’s Shoring Design Services Propel Massive Water Transmission Line Project in Houston Area

Work is underway on a massive water transmission line project in Houston, and Stiver Engineering is proud to play a key role in moving the project forward.

To meet growing population needs in the greater Houston region, the Northeast Transmission Line (NETL) will transmit 365 million gallons of water a day from the Northeast Water Purification Plant through 16.5 miles of 108-inch steel waterlines to approximately 900,000 homes in Harris County.

Stiver Engineering provided key design services for the NETL project. Our work included a shoring design using soldier piles, wale sets, and steel plate and timber lagging. We also developed a design for a temporary bulkhead to grout fill the annulus of the waterline pipe inside the casing pipe and a cradle design to support the existing 84-inch diameter waterline.

The project was featured in Underground Construction magazine’s latest issue. Learn more about the work involved:

Photo Credit: LAN