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Waterloo Project

Stiver Engineering Provides Critical Services for Transformative Waterloo Greenway Project

Stiver Engineering is playing a crucial role in the transformation of Downtown Austin’s public park scene. 

Waterloo Greenway is an extraordinary public park project that will create 35 acres of connected green space from 15th Street to Lady Bird Lake. The first phase of the project, Waterloo Park and Moody Amphitheater, is scheduled to open in August. The project was recently featured in Commercial Property Executive. 

Stiver Engineering performed work that will help divert flood water flows from Waller Creek below 15th Street into Lady Bird Lake one mile downstream. This project consisted of a flood diversion inlet channel and tunnel to intercept the flood water. The tunnel is 50 feet below the surface and measures 22 feet in diameter and 5,500 feet in length.

Stiver Engineering delivered services for the intake structure and the tunnel along with the retaining walls and bridge at the park. Work rendered included shaft and tunnel design for the Waller Creek inlet, retaining wall design, bulkhead demolition plans, and designs for a pedestrian bridge foundation, roadway drainage, and an arc bridge abutment.

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