Stiver Engineering Expands to Canada

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Stiver Engineering Expands to Canada

Stiver Engineering Expands to Canada

The Covid-19 pandemic cast a floodlight on municipalities and industries across North America, driving them to address obsolete and outdated infrastructure issues, specifically underground pipelines and the structural designs of water and wastewater treatment facilities. 

Stiver Engineering is best known for its work in tunneling, shoring, and emergency response for large civil projects. Over the past 24 months, the company has received numerous inquiries from U.S. and Canada-based contractors regarding the infrastructure issues found in the Canadian Provinces and Territories

Aging water systems can lead to a lack of durability, issues due to extreme temperature changes, decreases in water pressure, cracked pipes, contaminants in the water system, and water boil notices for affected service areas. 

In some areas of Canada, the climate and frigid weather conditions create short windows for construction and infrastructure upgrades. Hence, governments and key partners in the country incentivized these infrastructure projects in Canada and other widespread Northern communities. 

Stiver Engineering is happy to announce that we have established a local presence based in Edmonton, Canada, supported by a core team headquartered in Houston, Texas. 

Engineer Yasir Jamal will lead the Canadian team. Yasir has extensive experience in successful roadway and underground structural projects across Canada and overseas. We are excited to round out our core team with his expertise in supporting projects across North America, and our team is committed to providing comprehensive structural engineering and construction support to projects across the Canadian Provinces and Territories.

Our diverse experience working on a variety of commercial, industrial, and technical facilities will help Canada fast-track these infrastructure projects to completion. Our designs of water treatment facilities and prowess in pipelines are excellent examples of our expertise and can be found across Alaska, the United States, and Canada. Stiver Engineering routinely works with contractors, owners, architects, geotechnical engineers, and surveyors to ensure cohesion and strength in our designs. Stiver Engineering gets things done. We strive to provide clients with the highest quality, constructible designs with efficient structural drawings while overcoming all obstacles that present themselves throughout the lifespan of the project.