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Construction And Structural Engineering Emergency Services From Stiver Engineering

Construction and Structural Engineering Emergency Services from Stiver Engineering

Emergencies, natural disasters, and construction delays can be stressful and damaging to projects and reputations. It is imperative that organizations work with an engineering firm that understands the entire process of emergency prevention and mitigation.

Stiver Engineering prides itself on providing a complete suite of services including emergency response plans and solutions. Construction and structural engineering emergency services from Stiver will help prepare your project for potential natural disasters, create designs to protect the health and safety of your workers, and get your project back on track after an emergency. 


Flooding can wreak havoc on construction sites of all sizes. Water has the potential to damage structures, equipment, foundations, and timelines. When you specialize in complex underground projects like Stiver, you have a deep understanding of how to prepare for potential flooding risks, such as bypass pumping plans. We also specialize in engineering solutions for flood control challenges throughout the United States and Canada, so our team is uniquely qualified to provide flooding prevention services and emergency response services to your project. 


Hurricanes can cause catastrophic damage to structures under construction. Engineering solutions for high-risk structures can help prevent structural damage from natural forces such as wind, but with sustained winds in the 150+ mph range, hurricanes are a different force entirely. 

Hurricane planning is imperative for construction projects operating in the hurricane belt. Functional constructional designs are the key to protecting the safety and wellbeing of workers on the job site, but preparation is the key to hurricane preparedness. Stiver can help your operation prepare for hurricane risks by providing you with an actionable pre-hurricane checklist, a plan of action, and solutions post-storm for your construction project. 

Cave-ins and Unsupported Infrastructure

Cave-ins and collapses generally occur because of unstable soil conditions combined with improper or inadequate shoring. Structural engineering from Stiver is the core of our business and our engineers have the experience and ingenuity to make your vision a reality. 

Improper shoring designs or unsupported infrastructures not only pose a risk to your employees, they risk your entire operation. Our emergency response services will be able to discover the reason for the cave-in and then provide an actionable plan to fix the issue and prevent future problems with shoring or infrastructure. 

Marine Bridge Collisions

Marine Bridge safety begins with design. For bridges, large or small, across navigable waters, one of the key aspects in design is to ensure safety in the instance of an accidental collision. Emergency response after an accident can help prevent further damage to your structure and will help guarantee structural integrity. 

Construction Delays

Foundation issues and infrastructure problems can cause costly construction delays. Proper structural engineering, including foundation and shoring designs, will help prevent potential delays, but sometimes disasters are unavoidable. 

When you partner with Stiver, you add a team of engineers who will be able to devise solutions to even the most complex foundation and infrastructure issues. Whether it is dewatering, tunnels, shoring, shafts, or a number of additional needs, our team has the experience and knowledge to help prevent construction delays. Contact us to learn more. 

Construction Errors

Whether it is an error in design or execution, construction errors pose a great risk to your entire project. Engineering and building mistakes must be found and corrected immediately to prevent devastating consequences. 

We pride ourselves on creating constructinable designs that are functional and protect the health and safety of workers. Our designs also protect the integrity of your structures. Our cutting-edge tools and software ensures accuracy, depth, and quality in all our structural engineering designs. However, errors do occur on the jobsite and our team will be ready to deliver actionable solutions to any issues you may encounter. 

If you want unparalleled integrity and safety for your project, plus extensive experience and ingenuity, call Stiver Engineering at 713-526-3478.