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Tunnel Effluent Pump Station-ballard Conveyance

Tunnel Effluent Pump Station-Ballard Conveyance

Location: Washington

Posted Date: January 3, 2024

Expiration Date: February 28, 2024

State: WA

Description: Construction of the Tunnel Effluent Pump Station (TEPS), Facility Building, and associated site and right-of-way improvements at and adjacent to the TEPS Site; Construction of roughly 2,200 LF of conveyance piping to include 1,932 LF of 60” diameter fiber reinforced polymer pipe installed using microtunneling, a diversion structure, maintenance shafts (holes), and associated site and right of way improvements at the Ballard Conveyance Site. Demolition and reconstruction of flow diversion structures to allow flow into the storage tunnel at the 11th Ave Shaft Site, Fremont Shaft Site, 3rd Ave Shaft Site, and Wallingford Conveyance Site.

Location: Seattle, WA

Estimated Cost: $165,000,000 to $185,000,000 (not including sales tax)