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Removal And Replacement Of Rapid Infiltration Trench Repairs For Wastewater Treatment

Removal and Replacement of Rapid Infiltration Trench Repairs for Wastewater Treatment

Location: Florida

Posted Date: November 3, 2023

Expiration Date: December 6, 2023

State: FL

Description: Removal and Replacement of Rapid Infiltration Trench Repair for Wastewater Treatment Facility The purpose of this Invitation to Bid is to establish a contract, by means of sealed bids, for the removal, cleaning, and replacement of effluent in areas as designated in writing, on an as needed basis, as specified herein and to proper specifications as per Department of Environmental Protection which is and does become a part of this Bid. The service shall include a new 24” HDPE perforated pipe, filter fabric, new ballast rock and all necessary fill that is needed to meet mandated specifications at the City of Homestead Wastewater Treatment Facility.

Location: Homestead, FL