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Foundation Repair, Bryan Dhq

Foundation Repair, Bryan DHQ

Location: Texas

Posted Date: November 6, 2023

Expiration Date: January 2, 2024

State: TX

Description: This project includes the proposed foundation stabilization of the Bryan District headquarters Administration Office Building. Installation of helical piers along approximately half the building perimeter to lift the building and limit future settlement. Polyurethane injection to fill any existing voids under the slab or voids created during the lifting process. Coordination and location of subsurface utilities prior to helical installation is anticipated. Camera subsurface plumbing below the building and 10 feet beyond the building face after injection process is completed. Repair any damage to the existing subsurface utilities as required. Remove and reinstall an existing window system. Addition of underdrains and a roof drain collection system; this includes piping, trench driveway crossing, and outfall improvements. Replacement of sidewalks and landscaping elements, along with associated grading around the perimeter of the building.

Location: Bryan, TX