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Wastewater Treatment Plant Outfall Relocation Project

Wastewater Treatment Plant Outfall Relocation Project

Location: Washington

Posted Date: December 20, 2023

Expiration Date: January 24, 2024

State: WA

Description: Significant project elements include: Construction of a 48-inch diameter WWTP outfall from the WWTP to the end of U Avenue; blasting and excavating rock for several hundred feet of the pipeline alignment at depths up to approximately 30 feet deep; manhole structures’ selective demolition of existing piping and structures including asbestos concrete pipe; roadway restoration; testing and assistance during commissioning of new facilities; connection of the new 48-inch pipeline to the existing 30-inch WWTP outfall at the WWTP; surface restoration of the pipeline alignment; fusing of City provided HDPE Pipe for the marine portion of the outfall; installation of City provided concrete anchors on the HDPE pipe; dredging of impacted sediments with upland disposal; dredging of dense sediments that exceeds 50 blow counts; potential dredging of large boulders if encountered; installation of 42-inch diameter HDPE outfall pipe with diffuser by controlled submergence method; intertidal excavation and restoration for shore landing of outfall.

Location: Anacortes, WA

Price: $17, 500,195