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Lift Station 55 Rehabilitation

Lift Station 55 Rehabilitation

Location: Florida

Posted Date: November 26, 2023

Expiration Date: December 6, 2023

State: FL

Description: The City of Cooper City Utilities Department is proposing to replace the existing Pump Station #55 Generator. The City’s sewage Pump Station #55 has been in service since the last 1980’s operating with most of the original equipment still in service. The project will consist of the existing pump station generator including electrical, power, control, and lighting replacement. Proposed improvements consist of replacing the new generator outside of the existing generator room and will include a sound-attenuating, weatherproof enclosure, and sub-base fuel tank. Additionally, a concrete generator pad is included in the scope of work. The project also includes the installation of a permanent 12-inch bypass force main. Force main work includes all necessary valves, fittings, and connections. The objective of this ITB is to secure the services of a qualified, experienced, and reliable contractor that will promptly and efficiently provide the City with the materials, equipment, and services necessary to execute the work at the lowest price, in compliance with industry standards, federal, state and local requirements and the terms, conditions and specifications of this solicitation. No compensation will accrue, be owed or paid to the awarded bidder unless the contract has been fully executed, Notice to Proceed provided, a purchase order has been issued with accompanying Task Order or Work Authorization and the work of the contract has been completed as accepted and approved by the City.

Location: Cooper City, FL