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Ices Tunnel Repair And Renewal

ICES Tunnel Repair and Renewal

Location: Minnesota

Posted Date: May 7, 2024

Posted Date: May 1, 2024

Expiration Date: May 20, 2024

State: MN

Description: The ICES Tunnel at the University of Minnesota is approximately 2,900 feet long that contains steam pipe lines, coal conveyor, electric power lines, steel support structure, fire sprinkler lines, and abandoned electric power lines. The tunnel is made of concrete floor and walls. The roof of the tunnel is exposed bedrock that has a wire mesh to hold any rock debris.  Over the years, water infiltration in the tunnel has caused deterioration of the support steel piping within the tunnel sections as well as significant mineral build ups. The University, in conjunction with Energy Management, is seeking the services of an AE Team that will review the tunnel and provide engineering solutions to the tunnel deterioration. These remedials actions may include but not limited to:


  1. Ground water infiltration remediation
  2. Minerals build up removal and prevention
  3. Steel piping support replacement of rusted sections
  4. Removal of unused piping elements as well as unused electric power lines
  5. Any other AE remedial engineering solutions


Location: University of Minnesota

Estimated Cost: $2,000,000