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Gillets Creek Waterline Boring

Gillets Creek Waterline Boring

Location: Camp Lejeune

Posted Date: April 8, 2024

Posted Date: March 28, 2024

Expiration Date: April 28, 2024

State: NC

Description: The intent of this project is to have contractor bore approximately 400’ of 10” HDPE pipe. Bore will start approximately 200’ on the southwest side of Gillets creek and finish approximately 200’ on the northeast side of Gillets creek. The contractor will need to fuse a mechanical joint adapter to each pipe end so that connection can be made with a mechanical joint sleeve. Contractor shall stay in the utility right of way and bore under Gillets Creek where it will continue in the utility right of way to point of reconnection with raw water system from BA145. Contractor shall not connect to raw water line.. This task will be completed by the outside plumbing branch of the Public works dept. MCB Camp LeJeune. DETAILED REQUIREMENTS AND SPECIFICATIONS: 1. Directional bore approximately 400′ of 10″ HDPE pipe (200′ on each side of Gillets Creek). 2. Survey Requirements – The contractor shall survey the new pipe installation to obtain both horizontal and vertical data. Contractor shall submit the survey data to the government as a pdf and in GIS formats. 3. Pipe ends shall be marked and accessible so connection can be performed by MCB Public Works Outside Plumbing). 4. The contractor shall comply with all applicable codes and regulations while accomplishing this scope of work.

Location: Camp Lejeune, NC