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Decatur Dry Creek WWTP Influent Pump Station and Headworks Improvements Prequalifying package

Location: Decatur, Alabama

Posted Date: February 28, 2024

Expiration Date: March 12, 2024

State: AL

Description: The completed Work will provide Owner with various wastewater treatment plant improvements. More specifically, the Project includes, but is not limited to, construction of the following: • Influent pump station with a wet well diversion chamber, dual wet wells, coarse screening, submersible pumps installed in a dry pit configuration, process piping and valves, and an overhead crane system over the dry pit area. • Headworks facility consisting of fine screening followed by mechanical vortex grit removal. Grit pumps are to be installed within a new grit pumping room located in the lower level of the headworks facility. Screenings and grit will be conveyed to an adjacent building that houses the screenings washer/compactors, grit classifiers, and dumpsters. • Primary clarifier splitter box to divert flow to each primary clarification facility. • Septage receiving station with provisions for receiving trucked-in waste. • Odor control improvements including a new odor control facility to provide treatment for foul air pulled from the influent pump station, headworks, and screenings/grit processing building. The existing chemical scrubbers will be demolished and replaced with a new odor control system for each primary clarification facility. Each odor control system will consist of biotrickling filters followed by carbon polishing units. • Demolition of existing processes including equipment and concrete structures necessary to complete the construction effort. Upon successful startup and acceptance of the new facilities, demolition of existing influent pump station and headworks facilities. • Site work including site preparation, grading, seeding, new asphalt and concrete paving, and related work. As part of the improvements, the Contractor will be required to coordinate with and integrate ongoing work with the Moulton Street Collector Improvements and Dry Creek WWTP Medium Voltage Electrical Improvements projects.

Location: Decatur, Morgan County, AL