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Casa Verde Lift Station Elimination and Sewer Reroute Project

Location: California

Posted Date: March 1, 2024

Posted Date: February 19, 2024

Expiration Date: March 5, 2024

State: CA

Description: This work may include but is not limited to: development of engineered traffic control plans for City approval; production and distribution of public notices and resident notifications; construction surveying and staking; sewer bypass planning and implementation; trench excavation & shoring and bracing; procurement and installation of new gravity sewer mainline (via open-trench and/or tunneling methods, from shallow to approx. 12 feet deep), new sewer manholes, and new custom pipe fittings for utility crossings; disconnection / reconnection of house laterals; abandonment of existing sewer infrastructure per plan; gravity pipeline testing; temporary and permanent street resurfacing; trench resurfacing including replacement of surface improvements; landscaping removal (including tree removal), replacement, and protection; construction of maintenance access paths with driveways, permeable surface material, barricades, and swing gates; sewer bypassing; traffic control plan design and implementation; and, close coordination with utility companies including SoCalGas for work near high-pressure gas mains, Southern California Edison for electrical work coordination, the local water district for infrastructure adjustment, etc.

Location: Palmdale, CA

Estimated Cost: $2,880,000