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& Dewatering

We design solutions to ensure projects have reliable earth retention support and safe groundwater levels
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& Shafts

We provide safe and effective designs for complex underground projects

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We ensure accuracy and quality in our designs to enhance the integrity and safety of your project
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From field engineering to emergency response solutions, we have worked for contractors on thousands of projects

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We generate plans for greenfield projects to redevelopment, and navigate agency approvals and the permitting process

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& Wastewater

We provide engineering solutions
related to water, wastewater,
and flood control challenges

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Who We Serve

Stiver Engineering provides civil and structural engineering services throughout the U.S. and Canada. We are best known for our work in tunneling, shoring, and emergency needs for large civil projects. Stiver is a family-owned and operated company for over forty years, we have a reputation for niche expertise, collaboration, and responsiveness.
  • Contractors
  • Developers
  • Government entities
  • Municipalities
  • Architects
  • Geotechnical engineers
  • MEP engineers
  • Surveyors
Stiver Engineer
Engineering Firm

Emergency Response:
Construction and Structural Engineering

Emergencies happen – working with an engineering firm that understands the entire process is imperative. Stiver has a proven reputation for developing emergency response plans and solutions when issues occur with shoring, shafts, dewatering, bypass pumping plans, and tunnels. We pride ourselves on creating constructable designs that are functional and protect the health and safety of workers.

For Emergencies, please contact us at [713] 526 3478.

Have questions about an existing or prospective project?

Contact Veronica at [email protected] or use the chat below.