Memorial Park Ravine Bridges

Stiver Engineering provided construction engineering services for the land bridge and prairie project at Memorial Park in Houston, Texas. The city closed Memorial Drive, a major traffic thoroughfare, in both directions to accommodate workers as they installed support beams for three new Ravine Bridges which will link a new section of the Seymour Lieberman Trail. Stiver…

Brazos Street Bridge Demolition and Jacking

 As part of the Brazos Street Bridge demolition in Houston, Texas, Stiver Engineering provided a demolition staging plan for the bridge concrete decking that would be replaced. We also developed a bridge beam shoring system and a plan to jack up the steel bridge beams to replace existing bearing pads at all bents and the…

Charlie’s Pasture Pier Designs

Stiver Engineering provided a design for three piers (Robert’s Point Park, Charlie’s Pasture, and Brundrett Memorial) in Port Aransas, Texas, using concrete reinforced with GFRP bars. The design consisted of the decking panels, beams, an abutment, and pier caps for the three piers. Stiver also provided a loading analysis for the support piles.

project image

Waco Street Bridge Demolition

Houston’s Waco Street Bridge, which had frequently been hit by oversized trucks, was proposed for demolition by the Texas Department of Transportation. Stiver Engineering provided the custom plan that the contractor used to successfully complete the demolition.