Ashbridge Bay Treatment Plant Outfall

Stiver is proudly supporting the Ashbridge’s Bay Treatment Plant Outfall. This $300 million project for the City of Toronto will replace the current outfall tunnel, which is at the end of its service life. It is set to be the largest wastewater outfall in Canada. The project includes a 16-meter diameter shaft by 85-meter deep,…

Charlie’s Pasture Pier Designs

Stiver Engineering provided a design for three piers (Robert’s Point Park, Charlie’s Pasture, and Brundrett Memorial) in Port Aransas, Texas, using concrete reinforced with GFRP bars. The design consisted of the decking panels, beams, an abutment, and pier caps for the three piers. Stiver also provided a loading analysis for the support piles.

The Boardwalk Trail at Lady Bird Lake

The Boardwalk Trail at Lady Bird Lake

Due to a number of issues, there was a 1.1-mile gap in the Trail at Lady Bird Lake in Austin, Texas. Along this gap, visitors had to divert onto the narrow sidewalk and travel along busy Riverside Drive, crossing six lanes of I-35 access roads to travel east or west and use the south side…

Precast Building Design

Stiver Engineering provided construction engineering through a local precast manufacturer with a precast building design. The building, located in Houston, Texas, was designed to be delivered to the site as an assembled structure or as individual precast panels to be assembled onsite, and we designed lifting hooks for installing the panels and roof.