Plum Creek HDD Project

Stiver Engineering provided the contractor with an alternate tunneling method for a 6-inch diameter force main.  The alternate design consisted of a horizontal directional drill (HDD) that was 21 ft. beneath an existing railroad.  The pull forces and pipe stresses were analyzed and a profile was delivered to the contractor for construction.

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Construction Yard Land Development

Stiver Engineering provided a wide array of land development services for a contractor’s headquarters and operations yard on Luthe Road in Houston, Texas. Our work included plans for drainage, grading, landscaping, paving, stormwater pollution prevention, traffic control, and aggregate storage. We also created designs for a truck washout, drilled shaft foundations for concrete batch plant…

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Houston Water Line Support System Design

As part of the ongoing Northeast Water Purification Plant Expansion Project, Stiver Engineering provided a custom pipe support system design for an existing 66-inch water line that provides water to Bush Intercontinental Airport and North Houston. The Mayor’s Office was notified of the risks associated with the project before work began. More than 35 feet…

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Hempstead Road Railroad Overpass Shoring Design

Stiver Engineering provided shoring design services for the construction of three new railroad overpasses on Hempstead Road in Houston. Due to the proximity between the proposed and existing overpasses, a shoring system had to be implemented that was only 12 feet away from the railroad. The shoring design, which followed AREMA and UPRR guidelines, consisted…